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Organic l Certified l Sugaring





Your skin must first be clean and dry. If your skin is the least moist or wet, you may find that the sugar wax cannot adhere. That’s why we recommend using HEVI Powder, which makes your skin completely dry.
Spatel hjemmeside-02


Add HEVI Sugaring wax on 1/3 of the spatula. One side should be kept clear of the sugar wax which makes it more easy to push in front of the spatula.
Spatel hjemmeside-03


Place the spatula perpendicular to the skin and apply a thin layer. This is done against the hair growth. Scratch 2-3 times to make sure all hair is covered.
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Place the strip on the sugar wax. Pull off the strip in one firm and quick parrallel motion as close to the surface of the skin as possible. The Process can be repeated the same place on the skin maximum 3 times until the result is satisfying.
Spatel hjemmeside-04


Always end the treatment with Pure benefit Aloe Vera (Cools, soothes and reduces redness – anti bacterial) and subsequently with Pure benefit Body Balm (Moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin).
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Clean all items  with lukewarm water after each treatment. Now there’s just left to enjoy the feeling of delicious soft skin!


Remove the bucket cover before starting heating.
1000 W Full bucket: 45 seconds *
600 W Full bucket: 60 seconds *
* The times indicated are approximate times and may vary according to power consumption and type of microwave oven. The texture of the sugar wax should feel like syrup. Stir thoroughly the sugaring after heating.
IMPORTANT – Check the temperature of the sugar wax before lubricating it.
Sugar wax should feel lukewarm on the skin (45-50 ° C).


Place HEVI Sugaring in the HEVI heater and set the heater to 2.
The sugar wax is ready for use after approx. 30-45 min.
* Can be heated again and again.
* HEVI Bodysugaring can also be heated in
water bath.
Find your very own HEVI Sugaring heater here.


Pour water into a casserole so your HEVI Bodysugaring can stand on the bottom of the casserol without the water entering the product.

Boil the water without the jar in the water.

When the water boils, take the casserole off the heat and put your HEVI Bodysugaring in the warm water.

Rør jævnligt rundt i sukkervoksen for at få fordelt varmen jævnt, din sugaring er klar når temperaturen er mellem 45 og 50 grader. Tjek evt. temperaturen med et stegetermometer.

Stir regularly in the sugar wax to distribute the heat. The sugaring is ready when the temperature is between 45 and 50 degrees. Check out the temperature with a roasting thermometer.