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Made from polyester

HEVI Soft Strips

HEVI soft strips for Sugaring


100 strips for removing hair with sugar wax. HEVI soft strips can be cleaned with warm water and reused multiple times.




Heat the HEVI Body Sugaring in the HEVI Heater, microwave or in a water bath. The recommended temperature is 45-50oC.


HEVI Heater: Ideal for heating the sugar wax. Heat for approx. 45 minutes and the optimal and right temperature is kept throughout the treatment.


Microwave: Quick and easy heating for 60 seconds. The Sugar Wax can be reheated throughout the treatment.


Water bath: Alternative heating for approx. 30 minutes


Before hair removal make sure the skin is clean and dry, for the sugar wax to stick to the hairs.


We recommend using HEVI Powder to make sure the skin is completely dry.


Apply the powder against direction of hair growth


Tip: To achieve the best result, we recommend that the hairs are 5 mm long.

-03- APPLY


Apply the HEVI Body Sugaring to one third of the spatula surface.


Hold the spatula pedicular to the skin and apply a thin layer of Sugar Wax against direction of hair growth.


Hold the skin tight when applying the Sugar Wax.


Scrape the area two to three times to make sure all of the hairs are well covered.
Guide til HEVI Sugaring ryk strips af



Apply Strip on the Sugar Wax and pull it off along the skin in a quick movement.


Important! Hold the skin tight while pulling the strip off.


Tip: The strips can be used multiple times during a treatment (6-8 times) and afterwards cleaned with warm water. When dry they can be reused for the next hair removal.


HEVI Body Sugaring 600g

38.99 €

HEVI Soft Strips 100 pieces

9.99 €

HEVI Powder 50g

5.99 €

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