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Just sugar and water

No dangerous chemicals

The sugar wax ingredients have three amazing abilities.

1. Less painful

HEVI Bodysugaring removes the hairs on the body easy and efficiently. Compared to other types of wax, sugaring pulls the hairs out in direction of hair growth and not against hair growth. This makes the treatment less painful, pulls more hairs out with the hair root, reduced regrowth over time and the result is better and nicer than else.

2. Easy clean

HEVI Bodysugaring is a water-soluble product, which means that it is easier to clean of after treatment, using nothing but warm water. On the other hand this means that you cannot use HEVI Bodysugaring if the skin is moist, therefore, use HEVI Powder to dry the skin before treatment.

3. Peeling effect

After finished treatment with HEVI Body Sugaring, you will end up with a silky smooth result, this is due to the sugar wax ingredients also removing the dead skin cells.
Other wax products are often so strong that they remove the living skin cells as well. With HEVI Body Sugaring this cannot happen, as living skin cells are moist.

HEVI Bodysugaring is fit for every skin type and can even improve eczema and psoriasis, as it removes the top layer of dead skin cells, which boosts the healing of the skin below.


HEVI Body Sugaring 600g

38.99 €

Pure Benefit Sugar Scrub 200g

20.99 €

Pure Benefit Body Balm 250ml

28.99 €

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