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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Facial Hair with Sugaring
Say Goodbye to Unwanted Facial Hair with Sugaring


With HEVI Sugaring you can get rid of unwanted hair by the upper lip, chin, eyebrows and in the nose and ears for approx. four weeks at a time.

The sugar wax gently but effectively removes the hair at the root, leaving your skin silky soft.

All our sugaring products are certified organic by Ecocert COSMOS as well as AllergyCertified – a gentle and allergy-friendly alternative to traditional waxing and shaving.


For facial hair removal, the consistency of the sugar wax should be a little thicker – like modeling clay.
To get a better grasp of the small fine hairs.


Apply the sugar wax against the direction of hair growth,
while keeping the skin completely tight.
The spatula should be hold perpendicular to the skin for the sugar wax to be worked in under the hair.
Scrape 2-3 times for the all hairs to be well pasted.

Rub the strip on, hold the skin tight and pull it off firmly in the direction of hair growth


Apply the sugar wax from the corner of the mouth and towards the center (against direction of hair growth), while keeping the skin completely tight.
The spatula is held perpendicular to the skin while scraping 2-3 times until all the hair are well pasted.
Hold the skin tight, rub the strip on and pull it off quickly in the direction of hair growth from the center and out.

At the chin, work from the bottom and up – against the direction of hair growth.
The strip is pulled off from top to bottom, in direction of hair growth.


When removing nose hair, divide each nostril into two areas. The sugar wax is applied to one side of the nostril, after which a small strip pressed firmly on.

Pull the strips out and repeat the same procedure on the other side of the nostril.

Any sugar residue left in the nose can be removed with warm water on a cotton ball.


With the narrow spatula, apply the sugar wax on the outer part of the ear entrance.

The sugar wax must not be too liquid, but have the consistency of modeling wax.

Rub a strip on firmly and pull it off like you mean it.


Right after facial hair removal, the skin will be slightly red. This will disappear again, but we recommend applying Aloe Vera, which has a cooling and soothing effect on the skin. Between hair removals, care for the skin with lots of moisture and exfoliate the skin to get rid of dead skin cells.

The Pure Benefit series is free from perfume and harmful chemicals.
The skincare products are AllergyCertified.


If you also want to remove hair in for example, armpits or intimate areas, then you can easily use Spatula Sugaring.
For hair removal on legs, we recommend our Roll On Sugaring, which easily and quickly applies sugar wax to a larger area at a time.

Choose both Spatula and Roll On Sugaring,
if you want to go all in.


HEVI Sugaring can be used on the entire body. Spatula Sugaring is especially fit for small body areas as face, armpits and intimately, but can also be used on the legs.

On the face, you can remove hairs from the eyebrows, upper lip and chin, in nose and ears. Hairs from the cheeks can also be removed but this can be painful if you are a man, as the hairs of the beard are thicker and the hair roots are stronger.

For larger body areas like legs and back we recommend using our Roll On Sugaring, where the sugar wax is rolled onto the skin. It is faster and easier than spatula sugaring. The result is the same whether you use the spatula method or Roll On Sugaring.
Read more about Roll On Sugaring here

To achieve the best result the hairs should be 3-5 mm long.
If the hairs are too short, the sugar wax will not be able to grasp onto the hairs.

The hairs on the face are finer than the rest of the hairs on your body, therefore, it is important that the consistency of the sugar wax is on the thicker side, for it to grasp onto the fine hairs.

If all the hairs are not removed in the first jerk, sugaring makes it possible to repeat treatment to get the rest of the hairs out without damaging the skin.

Most people are hair free for approx. 4 weeks.
The hair grows in 3 different phases, after the first treatment it will, therefore, be possible to experience new hairs within a couple of weeks and another treatment will be needed. After 2-3 treatments the hair follicle will be empty and 4-6 weeks can pass between each treatment. However, this is different from person to person.

After each treatment new hairs will come in finer and the hair follicle starts to shrink. The hair free period will be extended and in the long term permanent hair removal can be obtained.

Sugar wax, unlike regular wax, must be applied AGAINST the direction of hair growth and removed IN the direction of hair growth. The result is nicer, as the hair roots come out completely and no hairs will be broken. At the same time, it hurts less than with regular wax, where it is pull off towards the direction of hair growth.

The strips must be pulled off along the skin. If you tear away from the skin, there is a risk of getting a small bruise. The bruise will disappear within a few days.

Yes, it is not painless to remove hair with the hair root. On the other hand, the pain is short lived and gets less the more you remove hair by sugaring. The reason for this is the weakning of the hair follicle, as it no longer can hold onto the hair roots with the same strength as previously.

A tip is to hold the skin tight with the hand after pulling the strips off. It soothes the pain. Apply Aloe Vera after sugaring, to cool and calm the skin.

Sugaring is a very gentle way of removing hair that does not damage the skin. Opposite regular wax, sugar wax is only glued to the hairs and dead skin cells.  This makes sure that the underlying skin layers will not be damaged.

HEVI Sugaring is organic certified by Ecocert COSMOS and Allery-certified. The sugar wax is made from all natural ingredients and can be used on all skin types – also by people with eczema, allergies and psoriasis.

The sugar wax can be heated in our HEVI heater, microwave or in a water bath.
Heating the Sugaring in the HEVI heater ensures that the sugar wax has the same temperature and consistency throughout the treatment.
The sugar wax should be approx. 45-50 degress. It should feel warm on the skin when applied, but must not be burning the skin.
NOTE – The sugar wax should be a little colder when used for the face. The consistency should be like modeling clay, for the sugar wax to get a better grasp of the finer hairs.

The sugar wax can be reheated many times.

HEVI Powder keeps the skin dry throughout a treatment, which is nessecary for a nice treatment and a fantastic result. If the hairs and skin are the least moist the sugar wax will not be able to attach properly and the hairs will not be removed. Powder is not a necessity for everybody on e.g. the legs, but it is recommended for a better result.
In the armpits and the intimate area powder is a necessity, as these areas easily get moist and especially during hair removal.

Approx. 2-3 years. Due to the high level of sugar, the product is self-preserving.

After hair removal where the hairs are removed by the root it is important to apply lots of moisture to the skin.
We recommend applying Aloe Vera to the skin right after hair removal. Aloe Vera cools and calms the skin while also being anti-inflammatory. It is important that the hair follicles are kept clear of bacteria.
Avoid ingrown hairs by removing dead skin cells with our Sugar Scrub and apply moisture using our Body Balm.

Read more about our skincare products here.

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