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You can heat your sugaring in a couple of different ways, depending on whether you use Roll-On or Spatula Sugaring.
The sugaring should be heated to approx. 45-50 degrees where it feels warm on the skin, but not hot.
You can heat the sugar wax as many times as you need to, until the container is empty.


For heating the Roll-On Sugaring cartridge, simply put the cartridge in the Roll-On heater and plug it in. It is not possible to use the Roll On without the heater, as it is also used for application. The heater ensures that the sugar wax has the right temperature and consistency, for you to remove hair.

Heat the sugar wax for approx. 20 minutes, hereafter remove the lid and sealing. You can now apply the sugar wax. The indicator will turn on and off throughout the heating process and treatment.

Let the heater stay plugged in, while applying the sugar wax.
If the cord is in your way, you can unplug it and plug it back in the heater, while pulling the sugar wax off with the strips.

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HEVI Sugaring in the container can be heated in three different ways – In a HEVI Heater, microwave or water bath.
The sugar wax should be heated to approx. 45-50 degrees, and have the consistency of thick syrup.

Remember to remove the lid and disc liner before heating the sugaring!


In our heater for Spatula Sugaring, you can heat our 600g and 375g sugar wax containers.
The heater ensures that the sugar wax has the perfect temperature throughout the treatment. Which is a huge advantage, when removing hair on larger areas at the same time.

Set the heater to 1-2 and place the container in the heater without the lid and disc liner. Place the heater lid on and wait 45 minutes.
Stir the sugar wax thoroughly after heating making sure the heat is well distributed.

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You can quick and easily heat your sugaring in the container, in the microwave.

Remove lid and disc liner and place the entire container in the microwave.
If the container is full it should be heated for approx. 45-60 sec. depending on the size of the container, power and type of microwave.
Stir the sugar throughly to evenly distribute the heat. You can check the temperature using a food thermometer. The sugar wax should be 45-50 degrees.


If you want to make a quick start on sugaring, you can heat the container with sugaring in the microwave and afterwards place the container in your HEVI heater. The heater ensures the right temperature throughout the treatment, then you do not have to reheat your sugaring in the microwave halfway through your treatment.

Water Bath

You can also heat your sugar wax in a water bath, but it is a little more complicated.

Bring a pot of water to the boil. Turn off the stove and place the sugaring container, without lid and disc liner, directly in the pot. The water should come up to the level of sugaring in the container.
Let the sugar wax heat up slowly in the warm water for approx. 45 minutes until the sugar wax has the right temperature (45-50 degrees) and consistency. Carefully stir the sugar wax while heating to distribute the heat.
Be very carefull not to get any water into the sugar wax.


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