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The skin must be clean and dry before sugaring. We recommend using HEVI powder to make your skin completely dry. Start by applying the powder against direction of hair growth just like you would the sugar wax.


Apply HEVI Bodysugaring to 1/3 of the enclosed spatula. Keep one side of the spatula clean, as it makes it easier to hold the spatula, as well as easier pushing the sugar wax forward when applying.


The spatula should be hold perpendicular to apply a thin layer of sugar wax. This is done against direction of hair growth. Scrape the skin 2-3 times until all the hairs are well pasted.


Lay the strips on the sugar wax. Hold the skin tight and pull the strip off in direction of hair growth with a quick pull along the skin. The proces can be repeated up to 3 times on the same spot until the wanted result is achieved. The Strips can be reused multiple time during the treatment.


Finish of the treatment by applying Pure Benefit Aloe Vera Gel, which is antibacterial, cools the skin and reduces redness.

Avoid ingrown hairs by treating the skin using Pure Benefit Sugar Scrub and Body Balm in-between hair removals.


Clean off everything by using lukewarm water after every treatment.

Now just enjoy the feeling of amazing soft skin!

Heating in the microwave

Take off the lid before you heat up the HEVI Bodysugaring in the microwave. A full container of sugaring should be heated for approx. 60 seconds by 1000 w.

* The stated time can vary depending on the type of microwave and how much sugaring there is in the container.

* Stir the sugar wax after heating to distribute the heat.

Heating in the HEVI-heater

Take off the lid and place your HEVI Bodysugaring in the HEVI-heater and turn the heater to 1-2. The sugar wax is ready to use af approx. 45 minutes.

* HEVI-heater ensures the right and comfortable temperature throughout the entire treatment.

* HEVI Bodysugaring can be reheated.

Heating in a water bath

Pour water into a pot, the amount of water in the pot should come up to level of the sugar wax is inside the container. Bring the water to the boil, remove the pot from the heat and place your HEVI Sugaring container with the lid on in the water. Wait for approx. 30 minutes until the heat has distributed through the sugar wax.


Body Sugaring Starter Set 600g

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